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Different Types of Sump Pumps

Don’t risk having your basement flood during the next major Wisconsin storm. Make sure you install a working sump pump. Some types of units you can choose between include:

  • Pedestal sump pumps: These systems have their pump set at the top of the sump basin. This gives plumbers easy access to it in case it needs a repair or replacement.
  • Submersible sump pumps: These units function on a waterproof motor and are placed right into the sump pit. This results in a more quiet operation.
  • Sewage septic pumps: This unit is used to move black wastewater material up a level from a basement below the ground surface. These systems grind the waste into a fine slurry, which is then pumped upward into a septic tank system.
  • Septic effluent pumps: These devices are another special-purpose unit used to force liquefied septic fluids through drain fields.

Common Water Heater Problems

Did you just turn on the shower and notice there’s no hot water? Unfortunately, occasionally your water heater will encounter problems that require professional services. Some common issues you might experience with your unit include:

  • Lack of hot water: One of the most noticeable issues with your unit is a lack of hot water. For gas-powered water heaters, this can be caused by an extinguished pilot light. To remedy it, a plumber just needs to relight the pilot. It could also be due to something more serious, like a damaged heating element.
  • Leaks or cracks: If you have a leak or a crack in your system, a plumber should inspect it to determine if the unit can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.
  • Loud or odd noises: Excess noises coming from your unit can signal a damaged heating element or a buildup of sediment inside the unit that must be professionally removed.

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When You Need Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Do you typically dump a homemade solution down your drains to remove buildup? While this might seem to work temporarily, the best option is to schedule professional drain cleaning services. Some signs that can indicate you need expert help are:

  • Slow drains: Slow drains can indicate a variety of problems, including the early stages of a clog, or pipes that have been narrowed due to mineral or grease buildup.
  • Recurring clogs: If your drains clog frequently, it can mean you’re not successfully removing the blockages on your own. It’s time to call in the experts.
  • Multiple drains that are clogged at one time: If several of your drains are clogged, it could indicate a severe blockage deep within your main line.
  • Foul odor: Smells coming from your drains can signal food trapped in your drain or something more major, like an issue with your sewer line.
  • Flooding: One of the worst problems associated with clogged drains is a sewage backup. If you notice evidence of flooding in your basement or near a floor drain, this could indicate a clog and it may be just a matter of time before the drain stops working completely.

Map of Genoa, WI
Tim P.

Tim P.

install Capital water softener and tub shower valve with rain head

Near County Rd N, Genoa, WI 54632

Map of La Crosse, WI
Mark M.

Mark M.

pull and reset toilet

Near James St, La Crosse, WI 54601

Map of Holmen, WI
Mark M.

Mark M.

install new Kohler Highline toilet

Near Greenwood St, Holmen, WI 54636
Holmen, WI - install new Kohler Highline toilet

Map of West Salem, WI
Mark M.

Mark M.

install new Bradford White Water Heater and new Capital water softener

Near Moos Rd, West Salem, WI 54669
West Salem, WI - install new Bradford White Water Heater and new Capital water softener

Map of West Salem, WI
Mark M.

Mark M.

install new Bradford White water heater and a new Capital water softener

Near Moos Rd, West Salem, WI 54669
West Salem, WI - install new Bradford White water heater and a new Capital water softener

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