Drain Cleaning Services in La Crosse, WI & Surrounding Areas

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Have you noticed your sink starting to drain more and more slowly? Is the water in your shower starting to get higher and higher as you shower? This can indicate you need professional drain cleaning services. Call Maxwell-White Plumbing to schedule an appointment in La Crosse, WI. When you call us, our experts will remove the blockage and get your system running smoothly. We offer emergency service rates.

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Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Unfortunately, clogged drains are common plumbing issues. These can occur due to numerous reasons, including the following:

  • Hair is one of the most common reasons for a clogged shower and sink drain.
  • Dirt and debris that you wash away can build up and cause blockages.
  • Mineral buildup can slowly cause clogs.
  • Food waste that you put down the kitchen sink can cause clogs.
  • Soap scum that builds up and forms blockages.
  • Toilet paper buildup can lead to clogs.
  • Small objects that kids might throw down the drain can result in blockages.

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Benefits of Scheduling Regular Drain Cleaning Services

Our experts recommend scheduling regular drain cleaning services at your home. Some of the top advantages these services provide include:

  • Clear stubborn clogs that you are not able to remove yourself.
  • Remove the blockage to eliminate slow drains.
  • Lower the risk of plumbing emergencies by having a plumber inspect your pipes regularly.
  • Reduce odors by removing the clogs.
  • Catch other plumbing issues that might be impacting your drains.

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Difference Between Drain Cleaning vs. Drain Snaking

When you have a clogged drain, experts might perform drain cleaning or drain snaking services. Some of the key differences between the two methods are:

  • Drain snaking or cabling: A plumber will only remove the clog that is causing the blockage in your drain. The expert will insert a snake into the pipe that can be powered by a motor to rotate the cable to break up the blockage. This removes the clog, but it leaves the remnants of the blockage in your pipes, meaning the clog could return.
  • Drain cleaning: With drain cleaning services, your pipes are completely flushed out, removing the clog and its particles. It also helps prevent clogs from forming by removing any small blockages before they get bigger.

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