Are you looking for a new water heater, but you’re not sure what size to get? The size can depend on how big your household is - even more than the size of your home. If you have two or fewer people in your home, you should get a 23- to 36-gallon tank. If you have four people in your house, you will need a 36- to 46-gallon unit. If you have five people, you need a 46- to 56-gallon tank. Let our experts at Maxwell-White Plumbing help you determine which size you need for your house.
Is the toilet in your house the same one that was there when you moved in? If it’s still functioning, it can be difficult to determine when to replace it. Some signs that can indicate you need a new model are:
  • Age: If your toilet is aging and you’ve experienced issues with it recently, it can be more cost-effective to replace it than to buy new parts.
  • Cracks: Cracks can expand and cause water damage.
  • Constant clogs: Frequent clogs can be due to an older design.
  • Wear and tear: Visible scratches and signs of aging can make the unit look dirty or worn.
  • High utility bills: Older toilets use more water than newer models, which can take a toll on your monthly water bills.
Are you trying to decide if you should replace your malfunctioning water heater with a traditional tank unit or a tankless system? There are pros and cons to both. The most common type of water heater is a conventional storage water heater. These hold between 20 and 80 gallons and release hot water from the top of the tank. These provide you with a reservoir of hot water to use for household usage. Another option is a tankless water heater. These provide hot water on-demand.
If you feel like you run out of water all the time, and need to space out showers to ensure each family member has hot water, it can be due to several reasons. Some potential options are:
  • Multiple appliances are using hot water at the same time.
  • There is sediment building up in the unit.
  • The dip tube is broken. This allows cold water to move to the bottom of the tank to be heated.
  • Your water heater is nearing the end of its lifespan.
  • Your unit’s thermostat is not working properly.
While you might know you need to have your drains professionally cleaned to keep them working correctly, you might not be aware of exactly how often. Our experts recommend having your drains professionally cleaned at least every 2-3 years. If you have an older system, you should consider scheduling services more frequently.
One way to avoid a leaky kitchen faucet is by making sure your water pressure is at the correct level. You should also check if you have hard water. If you do, you should install a water softener to help treat it. You should also schedule regular maintenance visits with a plumber. They will be able to determine if you need to replace your faucet before it malfunctions.
Are you wondering if you should replace your bathtub during your bathroom remodel? If you experience any of the following issues it can be time to install a new tub:
  • Cracks: Cracks in your unit can get worse over time and can cause water damage.
  • Limescale stains: These can be hard to remove and are unsightly.
  • Leaking: Any leaks can cause water damage to your home.

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