Does Sewer Video Inspection Wreck the Yard?

Sewer Camera Inspection Technology

Sewer line services can wreak havoc and be invasive without the right technology. Before specialized recording equipment, plumbers searching for intruding tree roots or other sewer line issues had no choice but to dig large trenches in the yard. However, plumbers can now use a sewer inspection camera to locate blockages and sewer line damage without destroying property or yards. 

Eliminating Property Damage With Sewer Line Cameras

cameraA sewer camera inspection uses a recording device that helps plumbers identify and locate problems or blockages deep inside the pipes. Sewer cameras are extremely small, and attached to the camera is a long cable that is fed through the sewer line. Plumbers use a small monitor to view the camera footage, and a radio transmitter can record the depth so that plumbers know precisely where the problem is located. This process can be done in as little as 30 minutes.

Sewer camera inspections allow plumbers to find the cause of a home’s plumbing problems, whether a leak or blockage, and the condition of the pipes. Using video inspection equipment also allows plumbers to see the extent of the damage in the sewer line and its material makeup, which can help inform them on how best to fix a problem. 

When Is Sewer Camera Inspection Necessary?

Sewer video inspection can detect sewer line problems like tree roots, damaged piping, leaks, sagging lines, corrosion, and blockages. Sewer line cameras are also used to ensure houses are up to code and that the pipes are in good condition and don’t need to be replaced. 

Homeowners may need a sewer video inspection if they are experiencing plumbing issues that indicate sewer line trouble, such as frequent backups, toilets that won’t flush, bubbling or slow drains, foul odors like sewage smells, soggy areas in the yard, and multiple clogs. In order to keep the drainage system fully functional and catch any issues before they cause significant damage, homeowners are advised to schedule a sewer line inspection once per year. 

Benefits of Sewer Video Inspection Services 

clogSewer cameras make diagnosing all sorts of problems like leaks, clogs, intruding tree roots, and corrosion inside the sewer line easier and more accurate without digging trenches. Depending on where the line is located, excavation and digging can destroy the lawn and may be difficult, costly, and time-consuming to do and then fix and clean up. 

Digging trenches takes a significant amount of time and manpower. However, sewer video inspection services are accurate, noninvasive, and reduce the time it takes for plumbers to repair sewer lines. Sewer cameras can help plumbers quickly identify and prevent problems. As part of routine plumbing maintenance, they can also help save homeowners money from potentially expensive repairs.

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