The Most Likely Reasons Your Faucet is Leaking

Fix Leaks Right Away 

A leaking or dripping faucet can have several consequences in terms of cost and environmental damage. Firstly, constantly running water can cause an increase in monthly water bills due to wasted resources. It adds up over time, leading to thousands of gallons of water being wasted each year. Finally, a leaking faucet can also damage a home due to continued exposure to moisture and dampness, resulting in water damage, mold, and mildew growth. 

It’s essential to regularly check for any leaking or dripping faucets and get them repaired by a plumber promptly. The good news is that it’s easy to fix a leaky faucet. Especially when knowing what the problem is. This blog post will share three of the most common causes of a leaking or dripping tap.

O-Rings Have Worn Out

o ringA faucet leaking from the handle most likely has a worn-out O-ring. The O-ring is a ring-shaped mechanical gasket designed to form a seal between two connecting parts and is usually found in a cartridge faucet. This kind of faucet has two handles on either side of a spout, with each handle housing a valve that controls the flow of hot and cold water. 

As homeowners repeatedly turn these valves on and off over time, the O-ring that seals the joint between the valve and the pipe can wear down or loosen and eventually causes a leak. If the O-ring is the cause of the faucet leak, replacing the O-ring should be able to fix the problem handily.

Washers Have Corroded or Worn Out

The handle isn’t the only place where water can leak out of a faucet. Leaks can also occur at the spout, where water drips even though the handle has been shut completely. One possible reason for this kind of leak is a worn-out or corroded washer. The washer is part of the assembly that connects the faucet to the spout, and friction can cause it to wear out. 

Over time, washers in faucets can also become worn out or corroded due to the constant water flow and the varying water temperatures, resulting in leaks. It’s also possible that the leak was caused by an ill-fitting washer or by using the wrong kind. Either way, the washer can be replaced to remedy the leak. 

Valve Seats Have Corroded 

valveAnother possible cause of a faucet leaking or dripping from the spout is a corroded valve seat. The valve seat is crucial as it regulates water flow through the pipes. It‘s a circular disk with an opening in its center that allows water to pass through when open and shuts off the water flow when closed. The valve seat rests next to the washer, so when trying to figure out the cause of a leak coming from the faucet’s spout, it is essential to distinguish between the washer and the valve seat. 

Corrosion typically occurs when oxygen, minerals, and water come into contact with the metal of the valve seat, causing a chemical reaction that wears away the surface of the valve seat. This can create tiny pits and jagged edges that ruin the water-tight seal and cause leaks when water flows through them. 

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